incredibly long weekend!
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    Default incredibly long weekend!

    Is it just me .... or does this weekend seem like the longest ever?

    I don't know if it's because we can't go anywhere/do anything/see anyone, or the weather was blowy and squally yesterday and so I holed up with a book and cup of tea ( and a packet of biscuits! ) and today ... the day has passed and I haven't done anything! its been bright and I was outside pottering for a bit, and I cooked tea but that's it... Tomorrow the weather looks better and we're planning a walk and maybe a BBQ.

    I'm just not used to have a whole bank holiday weekend at home 'alone' !!! usually we'd either have friends or family visiting, or would have gone visiting, DD would have been dancing and there would usually have been a band concert of some sort!

    I think i'm also running out of jobs to do! i do still need to finish my accounts ... just to get final utilities information and i just can't be motivated to do that at the moment! I also have some little wooden 'people' ( about 4 cm tall cone like shapes ) to colour, but I do like them as plain wood!

    anyone got any suggestions for exciting activities to do at home? !!!!

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    The weather was better today here. I went for a (very short) run this morning and as I stopped for a breather I saw two tables outside a house with lots of tomato plants with a sign saying 'help yourself'. I took two. It made me so happy! My family said they are going to send me out on another run tomorrow to see if I can come back with something else.

    Then I took Cookie for a walk and decided to just have a peep through a gap in a hedge - it led to a lovely green open space with a stream. So that will be somewhere lovely and close by to explore tomorrow.

    Later, I was chilling in the garden and I decided to have another look in one of the gaps in a little dry stone wall that we have in our garden. I have often seen a little bird coming and going in there but have never seen anything when I have peeped in afterwards. Today I saw lots of very active baby birds! It was too dark to work out what they were, and obviously I was very respectful. DD came and saw them too. Then I called DH over, but all had gone quiet and still, so of course he thinks I imagined it all.

    I feel really blessed and uplifted today because of nature!

    Loocyloo, your little 4cm people sound delightful. I also hate sorting the utility stuff out on my accounts too.

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    Days dont go quickly anymore. I do think its because we are at home more. I do the same jobs now but used to fit them around going out etc. Now its do a job and try to find something else to do.

    It does look like a lovely day. I may wash the bedding again
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