Good Morning Friday
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    Default Good Morning Friday

    Good morning everyone.

    On my day off this week I’m going round to sit at my son’s house and wait for a plumber to come and fix a leaky pipe. It’s not quite how I planned to spend the day, but as everyone else is at work, it’s fallen to me. Hopefully I won’t be there too long and I can pop in to see a friend for coffee on the way home.

    So, what are you all getting up to? It’s got to be more exciting that my plan!

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    Morning Mouse hope the plumber is quick for you.

    Its actually a beautiful spring morning here we have enjoyed our school run today. Its nice to listen to the birds without thinking im about go freeze.

    Full house today i do enjoy sitting and watching their imaginative play. We tend to go with the flow and i only interrupt when neccesssry.

    Unfortunately the rugby tournament tonight they decided not to enter at the last minute. I will leave it up to you whether im happy or sad about it
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    Good morning.

    Lovely sunny day

    We've been to toddlers ( walking ) and I suggested playing outside when we got home .. no ... they want trains! And whilst I have lots outside, my wooden trains do not go outside!
    Like fussy, I love listening to their imaginative play and rarely intercede.

    Think we'll stop at park on way to school this afternoon.

    Hoping for a quiet afternoon ... I was losing my voice and then did world book day storytime at toddlers for 30mins and it's now basically gone! My 9mth old slept all morning ... so thinking he'll now be awake all afternoon!

    Crazy weekend with DD at a dance competition, so I expect it will be glorious weather whilst I'm holed up in a darkened auditorium!


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    I'm loving the weather too. We went to Lidl this morning and DH did the shopping whilst I took Cookie for a walk on the field next to it. We saw another dog and my heart was in my mouth but the owner reassured me that he was gentle and so I let them greet each other. Cookie loved it and wasn't scared at all, so it was lovely to see. We did later see a couple of bigger dogs in the distance who were jumping all over each other, as happy dogs do, and one of them clocked Cookie and so I changed direction. He's still a bit physically vulnerable so even if the dogs were friendly we can't risk him engaging in too much rough and tumble.

    Afterwards, DH and I had coffee on the patio in the garden. It was bliss - something that we couldn't do easily from our first floor flat.

    Now, I have come upstairs to rearrange the craft/sewing room a bit, as it isn't quite working and some things need moving to the garage. I've been on here since I came upstairs though...

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