Good morning...and Happy Leap Year Day!
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    Default Good morning...and Happy Leap Year Day!

    It does seem odd having a 29th February.

    I have a friend whose birthday it is today. It’s nice to be able to wish her a happy birthday on the right day

    So, what are your plans for the day? I need to get DD to sort out her dance costumes. She needs some of them for next weekend but they’re still packed away from last time she used them. We decided it was a good idea to vacuum pack them so they’d take up less space. I just hope they come out of the bags ok!

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    We've just got back from walking the puppy. Before we got him I used to dream of lovely, relaxing walks with a dog. The reality is quite different! We see it as something which we endure rather than enjoy. Part of it is because of his attack we are now on high alert for big dogs and part of it is just because he is a puppy and not yet trained to walk in a sensible manner. He's such a tripping hazard at the moment!

    Since I recently discovered podcasts I don't seem to mind cleaning. I shut myself in a room and listen away. So I want to clean the bedrooms and bathroom today.
    I just need to train DD to tidy her room. I have given up hope that it will happen naturally. I remember Hectors house said she would often set a ten minute timer and then her and her DH would do a 10 minute tidy. If you know you are only going to do 10 minutes it isn't quite as daunting. I did this with DD last night. I got quite a bit done in the bathroom as did DD really, but her craft room was that messy that it didn't make much of a difference. We're going to do that again today. I like to tidy up surface by surface and so I am going to teach her that today - I think she was doing a random bit of this and a bit of that. It would be quicker to do it myself but I am determined not to.

    Strong winds forecast again for today. Keep warm everyone. x

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    Maza i am making my 18yo and 13yo boys tidy their room today. We have been to the tip already
    Once Cookie is better on the lead and the weather picks up walking the dog will be enjoyable. Unfortunately the bad experience you have suffered will linger for a while.
    Its snowed here again today not proper snow just enough to make you turn your head to look.

    We are going out for tea later a belated birthday celebration fot ds. So i have treated myself to some new clothes. I tend to only my clothes if they are ruined so i put myself first for a change.
    When someone tells you nothing is impossible, tell them to go slam a revolving door



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Good morning...and Happy Leap Year Day! Good morning...and Happy Leap Year Day! Good morning...and Happy Leap Year Day!

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