Easter weekend
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Thread: Easter weekend

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    Default Easter weekend

    According to the weather reports its going to be a scorcher.

    What plans do you all have?

    Ds2 is going to a flag bearer tomorrow at the local football club so me and the girls are going to watch.

    Other than that we have nothing planned so we have a lazy weekend planned and i cant wait.

    Have a good Easter everyone
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    Church tomorrow and then family coming to stay ... long walk planned for Saturday!
    Sunday, I'm at church, DH and DS are going to a car show in the morning ... not sure what/ which visiting family or DD are doing! Lazy afternoon although i expect I'll have to do an egg hunt!
    Monday DS is 17😱 so i think he'll be wanting to go out for a drive! Then we're off for a few days in the campervan 😀

    Happy Easter xx

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    DD has got a triathlon in a couple of weeks and so we will do some training together as a family. We've just been on a bike ride around the common - it's a stunning late afternoon. We saw some cute wild baby rabbits.

    We haven't done a single Easter craft activity together (although DD is into felting and has made some gorgeous bunnies). We also haven't done any Easter baking - but we've eaten so much chocolate recently that maybe we shouldn't.

    On Sunday we'll do the usual egg hunt - probably the last one in our current garden! Then we're off to our friend's house for Easter lunch. Our friend is an amazing cook, but she also is an amateur table setting designer (if that makes sense) and so her themed tables always look amazing with creative party favours.

    I've still got my planning to do for the first week back and DD still has some homework - we don't usually leave it to the last minute but we have been so preoccupied. I do find though, that if I do things while I still have loads of time that I end up taking loads of time, whereas if I leave things until the last minute then I am much more efficient!

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    Your weekends all sound so exciting, while mine is lined up to be very mundane!

    Tomorrow is set aside for sorting the sheds. I'm trying to decide whether that will lead to me doing a carboot sale at the weekend, or whether I should just send everything to the charity shop and be done with it!

    On Saturday we're taking our grandson on a local Easter egg hunt. He really enjoyed it last year so I'm hoping it's as good this time.

    Sunday is looking to be a lot quieter than normal. We usually have the whole family here for a big Easter egg hunt round the garden, but this year it looks like everyone will be away. Maybe I'll just hide the eggs as normal and shut DH out until he's found them all

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