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Thread: Thursday

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    Default Thursday

    Its very miserable out there today. Cold weather is meant to be coming back.

    I must admit even im beginning to long for spring to arrive. It feels now its been a long winter. Though i probably would jump at the chance of sledging

    My timehop on fb tells me i was hoping for the sunshine to come back i dont think we have seen it this year yet
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    Very grey and miserable here in Kent too. Forecast is for snow at sometime this weekend. I’ve given up even thinking about warm weather. Just looking forward to a 4 days Easter break, probably wrapped up indoors in the warm!!!

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    cold and miserable here as well!

    yesterday was lovely though!

    I got up and was all ready to start work at 8 am ... even though my 8oclocker doesn't usually arrive till 20past! ... then I get a phone call to say that 8.30 drop off LO won't be coming as got sticky eyes ( good! ) ... so at 8.40 ... the absolute latest I can leave for school and still get there ... I ring 8oclocker to discover they are all ill and mum forgot to ring! ... I'm collecting my next 2 LOs, at school at 9 !!! so I've basically spent 40 mins wandering around, no doing anything, as I wait for a child to arrive! what a waste of time! hey ho! I've been paid at least!

    have a good day everyone, I'm off to a childminder group to get messy with paint ( and that's just me! )




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