I'm still waiting for snow
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    Default I'm still waiting for snow

    What's the odds of this area totally missing the snow. Evens probably

    I just want one more day of sledging building snowman etc then it can be spring please.

    We are going to try and make the ice pictures in tin lids well it is cold enough.

    Have a good day everyone
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    Had lots over night so no schools open today therefore have schoolies here all day but at least the sun is out and it does look beautiful!

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    I think we got your share, we have had a lot over night in my area of Norfolk basically everywhere has ground to a halt ! I only have one little one today the rest have stayed home.
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    We had a nice covering his morning when I looked out the window. It was only when I went out to the bin that i discovered the thin layer of fluffy snow was actually covering a lethal sheet of ice! I slid to the bin and back again!!



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I'm still waiting for snow I'm still waiting for snow I'm still waiting for snow

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