Bonfire Night...
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    Default Bonfire Night...

    Anyone doing anything or did it all happen last night as it was a Saturday?

    Most of our big local events were last night. DD had a birthday party to go to which incorporated Bonfire night activities a bit, so we do feel like we have done the social side of it.

    My dad's birthday was on November 5th, so as a child we always made it a bit special at home.

    DD and I are going to do some fireworks arts and craft in a bit. We usually also do some hedgehog related baking or craft too, to remind people to check for sleeping hedgehogs before they light their bonfire, so I'll see what I've saved on pinterest for something we haven't yet done. It's just DD and me, and as we aren't having our own bonfire it isn't relevant, but it has become a bit of a tradition - and if there is something yummy to make she won't let me forget it!

    Off for our first 'full on Autumn' walk in a while shortly. The local common looks stunning at the moment and we have been desperate to get in there, but we have been so busy since we got back from South Africa. We'll check out the local vicarage gardens to see if they are having their annual smaller community bonfire tonight, which we will go to if they are. If not, just sparklers and cosiness at home.

    Stay safe everyone. x

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    We always had a bonfire celebration on November 5th, I am a big fan of celebrating things on the day and never move to the nearest weekend. It was daringly exciting to do something special on a school night!
    For a while I continued to host for the younger folk coming through.
    We had to stop when our elderly dog became petrified of the loud sounds.
    I like the cosyness of small at home do’s, I can be in charge of H&S too.
    But no gathering this year, our neighbourhood was full of fireworks though so we set up the tripod and took lots of photos from the garden - and of the moon.
    Tonight we are planning sparkler photos, we’ve bought loads and hopefully DH and I will have fun with these. Slightly weird not having children to share the fun though. We have just been discussing whether to have Sunday roast or make the pork into pulled pork rolls...and really celebrate Bonfire night.
    I did think of everyone when I was looking for some raffia in my current craft box ( removal box!) and found things from Autumn last year and Guy Fawkes hats and glitter....I nearly made a little picture on my own.
    Hope you enjoy your walk Maza, I went for a cycle ride this morning and it was lovely and fresh.

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    Just got home after a cold morning spend watching ds play rugby. Think he's found his new sport.

    We watched the fireworks last night from the window 😂😂.

    It's dhs weekend in work so I think snuggles on the settee is the order for the rest of the day watching the rugby and then strictly
    When someone tells you nothing is impossible, tell them to go slam a revolving door

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    We went to a firework display last night as DD dancing today, and we won't be home in time to go to local display. Looking guard to seeing all the fireworks as we drive home though. I do prefer to celebrate the event on the actual day.

    As a child we always did fireworks at home, but once we had our children I got too worried about safety, plus our then local event was amazing!

    We did some firework craft last week. We'll probably watch some on the Internet next week.

    Although this coming week I will be focusing on Remembrance Day.

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