Mortgages - Best companies/brokers for self employed
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    Default Mortgages - Best companies/brokers for self employed

    Now that self certificated mortgages have gone (boo) who have you been able to get a mortgage with?

    I'm currently renting, but my landlord keeps making noises about selling up which is fine, but I really don't want to move.
    We're settled, don't get any work related trouble from the neighbours, easy access for parents, particularly the ones that walk to get to me, and within spitting distance between 2 oversubscribed schools and preschools (so always plenty of work available)

    The landlord has been amazing (private not through an agency), he's been really great about allowing me to childmind from the property, and I hear of so many others having real difficulty getting permission it worries me that I won't find someone as equally accommodating.
    I know housing association and council owned properties don't object as a rule, but they're so thin on the ground in my area, I could end up, in effect, having to start all over again the other side of town which, in the present climate, concerns me greatly. I could lose all my current clients by moving

    So, DD and I were talking and she assures me she has no intentions of moving out for at least the next 3 years (I'm not sure if I was as pleased about that as I should have been ), and given my low income, we've come up with the idea of pooling resources and buying together so she can at least get on to the property ladder whilst the market is low.
    Another plus side of us doing that means that should anything happen to me, the mortgage would be paid off. Currently if anything happened to me, DD couldn't afford the rent here on her own and DS would probably have to go live with dad several counties away, which he doesn't particularly want to do (and if I'm honest, neither do I)

    So, armed with both our incomes, I contacted a broker to 'test the water' and we could in fact get a mortgage together, which is reassuring, but would now like to look at other costings as they could only find one company prepared to take us on. That mortgage would be nearly £100 more than I'm currently paying, and I'm sure it should be a bit cheaper given that rent is normally higher than a mortgage rate would be.

    What banks, building societies or brokers have you guys used to get a mortgage since becoming self employed? TIA

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    I'll bump your post but you might get more replies on the IC facebook group - mortgages are discussed quite often

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    I would like to know too



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