One of those days!
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    Default One of those days!

    I'm having 'one of those days'

    Not only was it chucking it down this morning but....

    a.) at 8am when all parents were arriving my son discovered he couldn't find his PE trousers... I was upstairs shouting 'morning' to parents rifling through drawers. In the end he went with a pair of
    b.) 10mins later, I found them in dd drawers, it was too late for him to come back
    c.) DD's friend left her lunchbox on the dining table so had to ring into school
    d.) 3 mindees arrived hyper as it was youngest's birthday
    e.) mindee (nearly 4) who I pick up from school was in tears and I had to prise her off Mum
    f.) got back from Toddler group to find a packet of Ham that was supposed to be in dd's cooking box was in the fridge. She's making Pizza today.

    I have no car and 3 mindees so can't go to drop off sons PE trousers or DD's Ham (30mins walk to ds school and dd school 30mins the opposite direction)

    AND ITS ONLY 11.50am!!!!!!!!!

    I thought this job was supposed to give you more time with your own children......No such luck
    Time Out.. The perfect time for thinking about what you're going to destroy next.

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    Sounds like my day last Friday!

    Went to library rhyme time, got parking ticket for being 3 mins over time

    Went to swimming with one mindee - no swimming allowed as only deep end available, so took a detour to park and park up - flat tyre! Hour until school run, big panic call AA and OH, go into park while waiting for one to turn up - mindee gets massive bump on head - luckily a nursery there that gave me an ice pack!

    It was mad!

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    Mine hasn't been much better , didn't sleep well,
    So so tired this am then had a call at 830
    From parent who came with signed contracts and deposit last night to say she had changed her mind and can't live with the idea of us having a dog. I am quite upset and cross about it as entertained her three times in the last week (you know what that's like trying to make sure house is presentable while working and looking after your own Los) and spent the weekend getting the garden in order in the rain and storms as she wanted to see where dog was.

    I hate days like yours when mine have left stuff behind, I guess though if we were out at work we wouldn't know they had left stuff and wouldn't be able to get it to them either. Your dd can make a veggie pizza will still be yum and Ds will be ok with the trousers you sent him with for an hour today.. Hang in there!! Xx



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