How much does it cost to become a childminder?
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    Default How much does it cost to become a childminder?

    Recently registered childminders will tell you that the registration process is not cheap. You need to consider this before setting up.

    Costs include -

    • Pre-registration course - Local Authority or agency fees might apply

    • First aid course - your provider will be able to advise - it can cost £100 or more for a Local Authority approved 12 hour paediatric course

    • Doctors fee - ask your surgery for more information - it can cost £50 - £100

    • DBS check - currently £52 per person (10.2013)

    • Ofsted registration fee - currently £35 for registration on the early years and childcare registers (10.2013) but due to rise

    • Smoke alarms - your local fire service might install them free and provide you with advice - but they are cutting back on free visits so you might need to source them yourself

    • First aid kit - you must have contents suitable for children as advised during your first aid course.

    You might need to make changes to your home and garden before Ofsted allow you to register. For example, you might have an action to -

    • Improve garden security

    • Cover glass with safety film

    • Put cupboard locks in the kitchen

    • Add locks to bedroom doors

    • Fix stair gates and / or a fire guard.

    Once you are registered you might need to purchase -

    • Car seats

    • Buggies

    • High chairs or booster seats for the table

    • Public liability insurance - various options are listed here - Membership & insurance options.

    You can find a lot of documentation free such as -

    - Contracts and fees policy writing advice - Childminder Guides - Exclusive Information Guides for Registered Childminder Members -

    - Childminding Forum free resources - Free Childminding Resources

    Other documentation might cost you money when you are starting up such as accounts books and accident / incident forms unless you are confident to make them yourself.

    Members of the Childminding Forum are always happy to help colleagues with the starting out process. You can ask questions in this section of the forum

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    Thank you thats all very helpful :-)



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How much does it cost to become a childminder? How much does it cost to become a childminder? How much does it cost to become a childminder?

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