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    Default Sharing learning with parents...

    I have just put my November newsletter on the parents page of my Knutsford Childminding | Sarah Neville - Registered Childminder website.

    If you want to have a read you will see one of the ways I am developing which enables me to share information about our planned activities and children's learning with their parents.

    I have always found some parents really easy to approach while others want to be less involved in their children's time here - but when I last asked for feedback on our newsletters all parents said they read them!

    So, I decided it would be a good idea to capitalise on this and use it to my advantage.

    I intend to include at least 1 new thing which the children have worked on during the month - as well as my usual 'this month we have done... / next month we are doing... ' section.

    I will do it for a few months and then ask for feedback and see if it is working.

    I will of course put the results - positive or negative - in my SEF.

    I look forward to your feedback guys! We can crack this new 'sharing children's learning with home' requirement if we all work together

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    good luck!

    the majority of my parents do respond, but a couple don't! they say they read everything ... but i'm not sure it goes in!

    i have resorted to telling one mum that i HAVE to have some responses from her ... because ofsted like proof that we work together! that seemed to get through! for the moment anyway!

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    I like the hand washing song - I'm not convinced some parents teach their children to wash their hands at all though

    Thanks for the ideas Sarah

    Miffy xx
    Keep smiling!

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    Thanks for sharing Sarah, I started a Newsletter for my parents, and changed it and changed it and.................
    Mine got too bogged down I think.
    The way you've set things out but kept to the point is what I was trying to do - and failing.

    Try again at the weekend!



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