Backing up your work
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    Default Backing up your work

    A lot of childminders are contacting me to ask advice about backing up their files.

    It is so important that you put your files somewhere safe - not just leave them on your computer... what if it doesn't turn on one morning or is stolen in the night??

    Here are some ideas of places you can back up your SEF - and other important documents related to your business -

    You copy and paste your documents into the dropbox folder on your computer and it is saved online automatically. If you drag them in it swallows them - I always copy and paste so they are still on my desktop - just in case my internet is not working and my computer is offline.

    This is linked to a Hotmail email account. It saves online and on your computer. When the new version of Microsoft Word is released later this year it will link directly with skydrive.

    Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire

    This is another example of cloud storage - you drag a copy of your files into it and it keeps them safe for you.

    This one is ideal if you already have a gmail email address as it links all your gmail account information together.

    There are LOTS of other places where you can store your important information online to keep it safe! Some automatically update... others you need to remember to put your files in.

    I suggest you play with a few - delete them if you do not like how they work - but please use at least one!

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    Thanks for that Sarah, I have just copied all my paperwork onto discs too. x
    If all else fails......add glitter!

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    Good idea I had all my paperwork stored on an external hardrive which decided to stop working and I have lost most of my paperwork so have to do it all again
    Pixie Dust

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    thats a really good idea, i tend to put everything onto discs but only do it once in a blue moon, there is tons of stuff on my computer that hasnt been transferred onto discs yet and i would be devastated if i lost any of it!
    thanks Sarah



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