Overnight Care Risks - fire alarms etc
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    Default Overnight Care Risks - fire alarms etc

    Good Evening,

    Working some late nights to get ready for my first inspection due around April. OMG the paperwork. I had done a lot but obviously not enough. When I start one thing that I think is going to take 5 minutes it opens up another can of worms

    So I recently started taking on some overnights and im writing up my RA now for this. Well now the more digging about I do im worried that I actually need a mains fire alarm upstairs in rooms! All I have is a landing battery one and one downstairs outside the kitchen. I also dont shut their doors so they can get to me easy in the night. It panics them otherwise. But i read it says to shut doors.

    Another thing I wanted to ask is in my bedroom I have a huge window that I could throw a single mattress out of and climb onto an alcove and get down with some possible risk but I do have a rope in my bedroom under my bed for this purpose (call me crazy prepared). Can I say all this in my RA or does it sound nuts?

    Are there any other requirements I need to consider?

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    I have in the past offered overnight care but I only have battery smoke alarms - one upstairs on the landing, one downstairs in the hall. I do however use my upstairs bedrooms for children to sleep in during the day. When I first registered the Fire brigade would come round and do a safety check and give you free advice on the best way to evacuate your house - they did say when I suggested I could climb out onto a slightly pitched room and lower children to safety in duvet covers that that would only be considered as final option and that best plan would be always have a phone upstairs phone 999, and to shut myself and children in bedroom at front of house, put duvets and pillows at bottom of door to keep smoke out, open windows,, shout for help from neighbours and wait for Fire engine to arrive.

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Overnight Care Risks - fire alarms etc Overnight Care Risks - fire alarms etc Overnight Care Risks - fire alarms etc

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