Pregnancy Risk Assessment help please!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hectors house View Post
    I don't think people are being rude they are just trying to work out if this RA is needed or if it's another excuse for the LA to justify it's existence by creating more work than is needed to meet the conditions of our Ofsted registrations.

    Sorry if the posts have upset you in anyway, - that was certainly not my intention
    HH, it's probably me "being rude" (again). That'll be the modern translation of "rude" which equates to plain speaking without the insipid patronising schmaltz one seems obliged to indulge in these days. It tends to happen when people don't get the easy answer they want, especially if they want something done for them, for free, no effort.

    Whilst my intention has never been to upset, but only to understand the context and try to help, I don't go in for offering unnecessary apologies for speaking the truth.

    Members have given advice, but when it's not what a person wants to hear they somehow feel they have the right to deem that to be "rude".

    Collectively, we've suggested some things that need covering. We've provided links. We've added a cautionary word to ensure the OP doesn't fall foul of The Equality Act. We've even offered congratulations for the mum-to-be. We've made the time and effort to try and help. Apparently that's "rude".

    We've even tried to ask for basic information: I refer to posts#2 and #3: who says you need a RA? To which the OP's response is "my local authority" (post #4) and then not the local authority (post #19). Irrespective of whether or not I'm "rude", I know one thing: I'm certainly confused as h3ll.

    Maybe I'm several decades out of touch with modern manners.

    Maybe it's rude to ask for advice and then be ungrateful and petulant towards the members who've taken the time and trouble to offer advice.

    But then, what do I know?

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    Don't worry, no one is being rude towards you. I think your initial question was rather vague

    Don't worry, the banter isn't aimed at you, but at the LA. They tend to have a tendency to tell us unnecessary things that we need to do, when we don't.
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Pregnancy Risk Assessment help please!! Pregnancy Risk Assessment help please!! Pregnancy Risk Assessment help please!!

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