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Thread: Fleas!

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    Default Fleas!

    I am almost certain that a particular child is bringing fleas into the setting from home.Child has many pets and attends our setting Thursday and Friday. We go all week fine, then the end of the week, guaranteed for the past 2 months, flea bites on me, my lo and so far two other visitors. I don't know what to say or do. Child doesn't have any bites, we don't tend to do any different activities outdoors towards the end of the week, I've caught several so I know its definitely fleas. We have no pets. I'm concerned that another child will go home with flea bites and I'd feel terrible. What can I do?!

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    I don't think animal fleas live on humans, they bite you and then live in fur, carpets etc. Not sure of the answer to this question, so will wait for someone else to come along. Sorry.Although you could put a generally letter to everyone to check their animals for fleas as some children are getting bitten?

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    As Sid the fleas can be carried on by people on clothing, and may bite you but they do not live on humans. They do however live in soft furnishings cracks and crevices and can lay dormant for months waiting for an animal host. I would recommend getting some flea bombs and treating your own home, this offers protection for your home for 12 months and is honestly not to expensive to do (I have pets). Just pop into your local pet shop

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    My daughter often got bitten at my mothers as she played on the floor r sat on the carpet. When she was on holiday, and I was on cat feeding duty, I used one of thse cat bomb things. Worked a treat!!

    Now, if there was ever a product that was different to its picture on eBay, it's these bombs!!! Arrived quickly, and low postage.



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