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Thread: yes or no

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    Default yes or no

    I saw a fantastic book today at the sure start centre. Yes or no by Caroline Davis. I'm doing this from memory but on each page is a different senario.
    Pic of 2 cats A stranger offers x a sweet should she take it?
    Next page x has a birthday cake should she eat it all by herself?
    x wants to play across the road should she cross by herself.....
    There was another page on sharing and I cant remember the others but it was board book perfect for under 3s There was also a moving picture in the middle of easch page...... I've just ordered it from amazon the link is

    I have been looking for books that teach safety in a very simple way and this is perfect as most of my mindees are 2 and under.
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    Default Re: yes or no

    thanks for sharing that with us. I ordered the book off ebay. perfect for young mindees.

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    Default Re: yes or no

    What a fantastic book. It is hard to get a balance between teaching kids right from wrong and not scaring them/telling them off. I have ordered this book too in preparation for my little one growing up (a lot!)



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