Food safety inspection
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    Default Food safety inspection

    Hi everyone,
    I have just received a letter in the post about a food safety inspection visit and for whatever reason, maybe with so much to remember and learn when starting up, I was under the impression that I wouldn't have an inspection.

    However, I am now incredibley nervous and panicky. Has everyone else had one? What happens at them? What are they looking for? Any suggestions, advice or past stories would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance x x

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    Childminders use this -

    If they ask for more than this you should challenge it ...

    I hope it goes well

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    As Sarah says, use the booklet, fill in some info ...the inspector literally went through this as we chatted, I had done everything the book tells us too, thermometers in fridges and recordings of temp, coloured chopping boards, food thermometer, food organised in fridge appropriately etc...
    It was some time ago and I wrote the details on a thread so if you search you might find it.
    But I remember that she commented on how clean kitchen , home and toilet I think that stopped her from prying further.
    She asked about my / children's hand washing procedures and was pleased to see encouragement photos for children to wash hands, single use towels to dry and soap dispenser.
    She was pleased that I kept food bill receipts and that we bought from the same good hygiene butchers and supermarkets so that we could easily trace source of food if necessary.
    She asked to see certificates showing we had taken and passed a food hygiene and food allergies course.
    Mine was thorough, but put me at my ease...we received a 5 standard.
    I was glad when it was over ...but it wasn't an ordeal as I had done everything they suggest, I know of others that didn't follow booklet and they were quizzed more about what they did and didn't score so high...but nothing else happened, no follow up, you don't have to tell anyone ...though it is evidence of health and safety to Ofsted. It doesn't appear on the website either because our homes are private addresses where children attend and she told me they don't broadcast this in our area.
    Good luck.



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