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Thread: Help please

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    Default Help please


    Your advice & comments would be appreciated:

    I am due to have a young child start, with parents who have very limited English. NW co-ord recommended that parents should still get a copy and sign for all my policies and that perhaps they should be translated - but this is unrealistic, and LA do not have the funds for this to be done.

    Spoke with family liason officer about what Network want - but we wondered how do pre-schools & nurseries do this? Currently we've agreed to not sign, and advise that they're available.

    BUT... I'm due a vist from Mrs. O....

    Could / Should I get a basic (simple to translate) form to advise the new parents that my policies are available in my portfolio (by the front door), and online at www....
    And get them to sign this...?
    I feel a bit uncomfortable about having no signature - or am I being too careful

    Also need to do permissions too....

    Thanks in advance
    Making the leap & returning to childminding - it's what I know & love

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    Are you a member of NCMA? I would ring them and ask their advise from an insurance point of view if you are with Morton Michel i would do the same.

    Is your Network attached to you Children's Centre? Could they (the CC) help with regard to translation? or maybe an interpreter that could sit with you and expalin everything to them so they could sign?

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    perhaps this family has access to a community settlement centre or welfare association where they can take papers to be translated. you may need to go along with them to explain aspects of your paperwork. your LA will be able to advise.
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