Please help ! Advice needed urgently please
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    Thanks for all those lovely comments

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    Good ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by v 1461 View Post
    Hello, just a little update . Mum is not happy about having to pay final balance after receiving notice to leave , therefore she is willing to take me to court and send a complain to Ofsted .
    Hmmm, I can imagine what that call will be like
    Hi I'd like to complain about my childminder. My child has HFM and she won't let him attend, she has also given me 4 weeks notice as per our contract because I shouted at her for not taking my ill child, and I'm not happy to have to keep paying......

    1. You're following the rules by requesting an ill child stays home
    2. Ofsted aren't interested in contractual disputes
    3. You have done nothing wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by v 1461 View Post
    I phoned our legal advice line again to mention that and Ofsted . They were both so nice with me and said she I had nothing to worry about and did the right thing .
    Absolutely correct, you have done the right thing, and handled the situation professionally. The fact that the parent isn't getting her own way and has now decided to throw her toys out of the pram is frankly, tough, and her problem

    Quote Originally Posted by v 1461 View Post
    Still very very upsetting and worrying thinking " what will she do next ? "😭So sad to see some people are so nasty ( especially after filling a few months ago my questionnaire where she put the child was extremely happy with me and usually didn't want to go back home at pick up time.
    I too have been on the receiving end, so you have my sympathy, but, so long as you follow your legal advice to the letter, gave ofsted the heads up as advised earlier, then they will see it for what it is and you have nothing to worry about.
    You may get a letter from them, advising of a complaint received, but file it with your incident report, any communications between you and parent, including a screen shot of text messages from before there were issues to now, any paperwork, legal advice, feedback forms, etc, and when you get inspected they will go through it with you.
    If appropriate to do so, they may make a mention of it indirectly that indicates towards your professional approach/manner, thereby sticking two fingers up to the complainant lol

    Stay strong. It's not a pleasant experience, but, take it as a learning curve

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Please help ! Advice needed urgently please Please help ! Advice needed urgently please Please help ! Advice needed urgently please

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