Variation to existing contracts
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    Default Variation to existing contracts

    Morning all.

    I’d like some advice please. I need to change 2 siblings’ contracts, they are both at school and now only require adhoc care during the school holidays. My questions is, do I have to complete full new contracts for both of them or as it’s a variation on an existing contract, could I photocopy the page that covers days/hours and add something that explains and lays out the details of the adhoc care?

    I also need to change the contract of another child. He is 3 and requires set days and hours during the term but his mum works in a college and will only require adhoc during the holidays. Do I need to give them a complete new contract setting this out or could I do as above and just copy the relevant page and add in the information and details of the adhoc care? He is reducing a day with me as he will going to preschool 2 days a week and using his funded hours on 3 days with me. I will still be needed to either drop off or pick up to preschool as dad works shifts.

    Thank you for all your help. x

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    In a sense, there are two answers to this.

    In terms of contract law, you can write a variation. This would clearly show which details are being replaced; the new details which replace them; the date the new terms come into effect; and both parties signatures and date of signing. This should be legally valid.

    Probably the more pertinent point is what your insurer will accept. Pacey seem to be unnecessarily picky about this. They will refuse to support a legally-binding contract if they sold you the stationery so they (and possibly other organisations) may insist on a new full contract. If they do, then take it aa an opportunity to review any other Ts&Cs you may wish to change at the same time.

    So the short answer is to check with your insurer first if you want to be sure of their legal/debt recovery support.



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