When Ofsted receive information from a parent or member of the public making a complaint about a provider, they have to act.

They will either:

- Inform you and review it at the next inspection - this is usually by letter but they might ring you

- Liaise with the local authority and other agencies - especially if there are child protection concerns

- Investigate - this usually means coming out to visit you, either immediately without notice or after a phone call.

The letter option usually means they don't think there is anything to it but they have to inform you because they've received something about you. By sending a letter they are giving you plenty of time to put together evidence for when the inspector comes out next. You do NOT need to respond to the letter by ringing or emailing Ofsted - just put your evidence together and have it ready for your next inspection. However, if they receive a few complaints about you, they are likely to come out sooner.

I hope this clarifies