Help please! First Inspection Worries
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    Default Help please! First Inspection Worries

    Hi there
    Please help if you have any advice!
    Ofsted phoned yesterday to say they are coming on Tuesday or Wednesday, so happy at least I have 3 days to prepare.
    However panicking a bit as my own 1 yo has been whingy and super clingy since the phonecall, leading me to wonder if childminders with their own EY children usually arrange for them to be elsewhere during an inspection? My daughter will be at school but I will have my 1 yo when the inspector comes one hour prior to school pickup to chat with me.
    Is this a possibility? Or would it look strange to the inspector?

    Also, 4 yo mindee is a super picky eater. Mum suggested at the start I just give her brioche for after school snack, as that is all she does. So that is all I have ever done, though I am aware that is not a healthy option. So, do I attempt strawberries or something else healthy on insepction day, or serve the brioche but discuss healthy snack options at the time and plan to play a couple games I have that highlight healthy food choices (Orchard Toys Greedy Gorilla and Tummy Ache) that I know the girls enjoy playing?

    Just another thought, on the phone the inspector didn't mention contacting mindees parents. I have to inform them don't I, in case they want to talk to the inspector? If so, do I just suggest they do so at pickup, or that they phone the Ofsted number? Sorry, really not sure what I should tell them.

    Thanks very much

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    A lot of childminders ship their own children off to granny or a childminder friend during inspection

    show evidence of healthy eating ... offer a balanced menu even if the child doesn't eat everything on her plate. Why not let her prepare it with you? that would be a good after-school activity.

    Just let parents know you have an inspection - ask them to fill in a quick questionnaire - say they can speak to the inspector if they wish.

    Hope it goes well



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Help please! First Inspection Worries Help please! First Inspection Worries Help please! First Inspection Worries

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