first ofsted inspection need advice please
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    Default first ofsted inspection need advice please

    Hello everyone, I have my first Ofsted inspection next week on Friday. I am very, very nervous as I only have one early years child who I have from 7-9 am 3 days a week, school time, she goes pre-school after.
    Her learning journal doesn’t contain much, the child comes 7.15 usually and we leave around 8.20 for school. The inspector knows that and said that still I need to demonstrate that I support child's progress through the chatting and whatever activities I may do with the child in the morning, all linked with the preschool ‘s progress. I want to put everything right but how I am going to do this i such a short space of time.
    And also what else am I preparing to show to the inspector? she said she is going to inspect me for at least 3 hours.
    Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    Be yourself

    Don't pretend you do things you don't. They are not stupid and I'm sure they know when people just 'perform' for the day.

    Do relax and think of the inspector as just another person, that's all she is, just another mum/adult doing a job. Don't put her on a pedestal, that makes her scary and most times they are not.

    Show how you support/work with the preschool and parents with the child's learning and development, have proof, if you don't have any yet but do work with them then get them to sign something to say you do. If you don't then ask yourself why not and sort that out.

    Think about how you safeguard the child, write notes the inspector and you can refer to.

    Gotta run now as dinner is ready but I'm sure more people will pop up and give you more feedback, good luck
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    Best advice I can give is know your desired outcome of your planned activities for each child. My inspector wasnt happy that I didnt have an outcome in mind for a new starter.

    Also let the los do some self selection. Don't over plan.

    As with everything be yourself and do things you are comfortable as it will help you and the los no end.

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    Does the child have breakfast with you? Demonstrate the child's abilities and next steps with things like pouring their own drink or chopping their own fruit (with a special child friendly knife of course). You can include counting and colours etc as well as demonstrating healthy eating. Then there's getting coats and shoes on - show how you are helping the child to develop.

    As a previous poster put most importantly try to remember that this inspector is a human being. Don't be scared of them (easier said than done I know!). You'll be fine.



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first ofsted inspection need advice please first ofsted inspection need advice please first ofsted inspection need advice please

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