Ofsted inspections - general advice
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    Default Ofsted inspections - general advice

    All childminders are inspected by Ofsted or one of their partners at least once within each inspection cycle.

    You do not have a choice about when Ofsted decide to contact you.

    Self evaluation

    To help you prepare for your inspection, you should continually self evaluate your provision and ways of working.

    You do not have to do the Ofsted self evaluation form (SEF) if you have another document which you regularly use.

    The Ofsted SEF is here -

    SEF Ofsted

    This document will help you to update and review your SEF -

    Evidence of Improvement

    If you have a 'passion to be outstanding' this Ofsted booklet will help you -

    a passion to be outstanding

    During your inspection

    You should use your inspection as a time to show off everything you do!

    Set out your files and folders, give the inspector a list of things you want them to look at, take lots of photos to put in albums to evidence the types of activities you do with the children etc.

    Make sure you interact with the children and give them your attention, asking questions and extending their learning. Your inspector will be watching and listening to you throughout your inspection.

    You can get lots of tips by reading inspection reports on the Ofsted website -

    Ofsted | Home page

    If you are concerned about any aspects of your inspection during your inspection including any comments your inspector makes - you should contact Ofsted for further advice -

    0300 123 1231

    At the end of your inspection

    There is information about inspection outcomes in free resources here -

    Ofsted Inspection Outcomes

    After your inspection

    You will receive an inspection report, often by email, within a few weeks of your inspection date.

    If you are unhappy with the factual contents you have a short time to put them right.

    If you are unhappy with any of the other information in your report you should contact Ofsted and let them know you want to make a complaint.

    Member of the Childminding Forum will help and support you.

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    Thank you for this information Sarah, and for all your support with the inspection process. I am half way through your E-Book 63 "Ofsted Inspection Checklist" and it has highlighted lots of areas I hadn't considered when preparing for my next inspection. I have a list as long of my arm of things to recap on or review lol!

    Thanks as always

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    thanks Sarah, its 3 years now since my last one so I am waiting for 'the phone call' and as always I find all your advice really helpful x

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    Default Ofsted Inspection

    Hi all ive been registered since January 2018 just wondering how long everyone waited or their first proper inspection also has anyone in Liverpool recently had an inspection and if so can you give me some advice on what the inspector will require thankyou




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