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Thread: Next steps? ?

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    Default Next steps? ?

    Hi all, just a quickie-

    I've only been a cm for a couple of months and unsure about something- do we need to do a next steps for a child every time we do an obs? I seem to get loads and loads of snippets (I guess some would call them wow moments) on each child every week, so each week they have quite extensive obs that cover several areas of learning- do I need to do a next step every wk, that corresponds with each area if learning covered in the ob? I do plods once a term or half term- could I just use that as a next step instead, or is that not frequent enough?

    Turns out this wasn't such a quickie after all!
    Maria. x

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    Not all obs need a next step.
    I only do a next step if one is obvious and useful. Some obs are just to show development or to show a child's interest in something.
    If I do a next step I make sure it is followed up the next day/week/month, depending on what it is, with an activity/resources etc to support it.

    You only need a few obs a month, make sure you are not creating work for yourself by over doing the obs. Sometimes I do a few a week but then some weeks I do none. Also depends how many hours you have the child per week.

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    Sometimes my next steps are 'more of the same' :0)

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    Quote Originally Posted by loocyloo View Post
    Sometimes my next steps are 'more of the same' :0)
    Agree.... as often children need to be observed a few times before moved to the next stage of learning.

    On average I observe children 10-20 times a day but only write down when I see a true link and achievement to the steps I have planned



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