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Thread: Obseravtions

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    Default Obseravtions

    Just want to ask- on obs I obviously out what the child does, and link it to the area of development.
    Do I have to put how I helped the child?
    And do I have to out the characteristic of learning? Am I right there are 3? (Can someone refresh me on these?)
    I also put on the bottom the next steps, Is this all right?

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    You don't have to put how you've helped the child in every ob as the ob may be something the child has done out of the blue that you had no control over. When you do next steps you could write how you helped to develop this from a previous ob though. If appropriate I do write the characteristics (playing & exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically) my Ofsted inspector was particularly interested in the characteristics and it helps to have a good idea of the way in which the children learn.

    Next steps at the bottom is fine although not every ob will have a next step

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    This is what I do: I write exactly what happened, including what I did if I was involved. Eg X passed me the leaf, I took it and said 'thank you'. Then link to area of learning. I'll put the COEL if it's obvious (often if there isn't a clear cut area of learning, it fits in the COELs). I don't always put next steps, again sometimes there's an obvious one. Eg Y took first step - encourage and provide opportunity for further walking. I've downloaded some useful hex diagrams from teacher's pet website. I use these constantly for the characteristics, plus they look nice!



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