Research/advice needed for new childminder
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    Default Research/advice needed for new childminder

    Hi all, I am coming to the end of my level 3 Cache course and hope to have qualified by the end of this month, first aid course booked in and dbs checks about to go in! Very exciting!! I am based in West Sussex and have discovered there are not many other childminders around so it’s hard to find out what the going hourly rate is? Is it best to include food in your fee or ask parents to provide their own, nappies, wipes etc? How do you charge for holidays either taken by yourself or the parents? I’d really appreciate people’s thoughts and opinions/experience. I don’t want to be seen as overcharging but at the same time I don’t want to be undercharging...many thanks x

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    Congratulations and good luck.

    I would try and find some localish minders to talk to and find out what the 'norm' is around your way. It will also benefit you to have a support network!

    I used to live in Hampshire with lots of minders who pretty much did the same thing, and all lived in the same town. Now i live in Yorkshire, wirh very few other minders, buteveryone works the way that suits them.

    I prefer to provide all food within my fee( once child is weaned! ) as then i know it's healthy, varied and everyone has the same to eat! I ask parents to send formula for babies, but i provide milk once off formula. I used to charge, but had parents saying child didn't need tea, but child would be there when everyone had tea and would be hungry. Easier i felt, if food was included.

    I ask parents to provide nappies and wipes ... some send daily, some send packets to keep at mine. I usually keep a few for each child as 'spares' for emergencies.

    I ask parents to provide waterproofs/wellies/hats/gloves/sunhats! Plus a change of clothes ( i do have spares of everything except wellies.) Some children leave everything with me, others send it daily in child's bag.

    I charge an hourly fee ( but will charge in half hours ) with an minimum charge of 2 hrs a day, and 3 hours a week. (although i am flexible depending on how child/requirements fit in with me!) I have one fee for all children who attend all year round, and a higher fee for term time only children ( equal to normal fee and half fees for holidays! ) payment in advance. I then can refund if required or add charges onto following month.
    I charge full fees if i am available to work (so full fees if child goes on holiday or is sick, but i am still working) and no fees if i am off/sick/unable to work.

    I know some minders who charge parents the fees for attending toddlers/soft play/farms etc, but i include it all in my fees, as i don't want any parent to dictate what or where, i can or can't go! ( i had a parent who thought she could tell me where to take her children and the rest would have to just watch hers at swimming lessons ... we didn't go! )

    I have some children who use funding, and as it doesn't match my fees, i charge a 'session fee' to cover the difference of what funding pays for and what my fee covers.

    Hope this helps xx

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    Hello and welcome!
    I do almost exactly the same as loocyloo apart from I don’t do hourly fees , I charge in full / half days or before/after school sessions.
    Good luck , you’ll soon settle on what works best for you x

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