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Thread: Help!!!

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    Default Help!!!


    I need advice/information.

    It's a bit of an unsual situation....basically there is an private childminders who has been operating for 20 years. She works full time with her two assistants.

    The owner has young grandchildren and frankly wants a break and also wants to set up a small nursery. She's asked if I can come onboard as the person who will oversee it on daily basis.

    Firstly the issue is the 3 person rule. With me on board there would be 4 and she doesn't want to register as childcare on domestic etc. Eventually once I am fully trained and knew parents well enough she would take a step back! However how does it work again with 3 person rule whilst I was training. I'd be a registered childminder in my own right I know that. I rang ofsted who said if I registered as a childminder and worked at that address the owner would then not be able to be there at all???? Then I read online 2 registered childminders can work together? And you can apply to ofsted???!! Help help help

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    2 childminders and 1 assistant can work together or 1 childminder and 2 assistants - you'd need huge floor space to make it viable though!

    As soon as you get up to 4 staff you have to change to codp... there isn't a way round it as far as I know...

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    I phoned Ofsted to check on this the other week and you can have as many assistants registered as you want but as long as no more than 3 people are working together at the same time it is you could be 2 childminders registered with 2 assistants but only 3 of you working at the same time so its fine....



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