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Thread: Milk deliverys

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    Default Milk deliverys

    I currently get my milk delivered by my milk man twice a week, and its organised by milkforchildminders.

    The problem is that Im often at toddler groups and dont get home til at least 12noon by then the milk could have sat outside for 3 1/2 hrs. In the snowy winter this wasnt too bad but now the sun is out its far from ideal.

    Any ideas on how I could get this into a better situation? what do you do?

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    could you not leave an insulated cool bag on your doorstep and have your milkman put the milk in there? or speak to milk for childminders and ask if you can change your delivery day?
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    I have a shady place round the side of the house for the summer.

    Or you can buy milk boxes that keep it cooler... they sell them in Betterware and other catalogues.

    Or a bag - but I wonder if that might be more likely to get stolen.




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