Out of the mouths of babes
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    Default Out of the mouths of babes

    Hubs was in early from work yesterday to take eldest two for swimming lesson. He was sat on the sofa, youngest son and mindee (age 3) was sat on the floor playing with playdoh.

    Brian stood up and said think I'd best go and get changed.... mindee looked up, eyes wide and said "why, have you pee'd in your pants?"
    Me and mum were doubled up, more so when she added "you are big enough to go to the toilet by yourself Brian".

    Hubs shuffled out the room totally mortified bless him with the mindee calling out to him " you didn't answer me..."

    I had tears rolling down my cheeks and a stitch in my side.

    Poor old Brian thinks its Brian Bashing time as his own two eldest have been having a giggle at his height (he is only about 5ft 7, I am taller than him and 9 year old is only about 4 inches shorter. The other day the kids were having a banter with him and I said to the kids leave Dad alone he is a fully grown man and the kids hooted with laughter and making reference to his height (it was all in good humour!

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    Default Re: Out of the mouths of babes

    Lol.... poor Brian ha ha !!

    Kids do make you laugh ha ha EXCELLENT!!!!

    'Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.'



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