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    Hi Everyone.

    I become a childminder in Jan this year and I am just in the long process of filling out my Self Evaluation Form. Once of the questions is how to get parent and child feedback - can i have suggestions please on how you get parent feedback?

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    I presume you mean views of parents and children that use your setting, I get feed back from parents in my learning jornals every 3 months, and also verbally when we are discussing thier child, you could do a questionaire for parents, I understand its hard doing your sef after only such a short time, im just completly redoing mine as since I started minding I have changed my provision so much. As for childs views you need to look at how you know a child is happy in your setting and as you cant always ask a child you need to look at the childs body launguage and how there are in your setting. trying not to quote sarah's e-book, it is well worth buying.

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    Hi Kerry,
    I have a questionaire that i hand out to parents every 3 months. It starts off with a brief assessment of their childs development and then a few questions for them in relation to the service i provide.I ask if parents have any ideas for me to include in planning and remind them about informing me about changes in contact no's.
    Hope this helps!

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    We chat daily, parents are encouraged to write in daily diary ( or i write on what they have told me) and in the learning journey. Parents have my email address and phone numbers. I tried termly questionnaire but parents asked me to stop them as they feel we communicate enough without extra paper work for them to fill in!

    For children I gather info from observations which leads to planning as shown in daily diary planning sheets and photos in learning journeys For older children i give them smiley and sad faces to put on toys/ photos of places we go so they can tell me what they like and don't

    Hope this helps, the sef is so hard first time round
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