Another enquiry!
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    Default Another enquiry!

    Woo Hoo! So excited! Lady called just now wants 2 days a week. Seemed really keen and pleased with what she heard and is coming in two weeks for a visit and she doesn't want to spoil my final few days with just my children. How lovely. She said on phone that she really likes the sound of me - lets hope it transpires into a contract signing!

    Wasn't particularly looking to fill my other space as i have a full timer and an after schooler ready to start but this would be fab! Two little boys to play with each other!

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    Oh I hope you get the job

    Good luck keep us posted

    Angel xx

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    phoebe-alice Guest


    Thats great I hope your meeting goes great.
    I have had 2 enquiries in the last 2 weeks I'm just sad that I couldn't accept any as I'm near enough full with shift workers. Its always sad having to turn work down when it is near enough perfect.
    But good luck and hope you enjoy your time with your wee ones.

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    Good luck for your visit. Hope all goes well for you. Hx

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    good luck Minstrel

    Let us know how it goes.
    XX Jill XX



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