Poloroid Pogo Problems
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    Default Poloroid Pogo Problems

    Does anyone else use the Poloroid Pogo and what do you think of it? I recently purchased one thinking that it was a great idea. The photos are the perfect size for journals, sticky backed, brilliant. BUT.... now that i use it, the quality of the photo is really naff. The colours are really dark and there are streaky lines all across them. Have i just been given one that is faulty or is it maybe the paper that is at fault. Very disappointed.

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    When I get streaky photos I put a piece of the photo paper in upside down and/or put the blue paper back through.

    Tbh the quality of the photos are what I expected for the price.
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    hi, the photo quality isn't wonderful, but usually good enough for learning journals! some of mine do come out darker, and i haven't worked out how to solve that! but since i got a new camera, with a higher pixel count, the pictures are better. the photos i bluetooth from my phone are very hazy, but my phone camara isn't very good!

    the only thing i've heard to try if photos are very streaky, is to put the blue paper back in the bottom, and print it through again.

    i do love my pogo and use it alot.



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