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Thread: 3 year olds...

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    Question 3 year olds...

    what have you found that 3 year old girls (usually) like to play with?

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    Default Re: 3 year olds...

    mine love drawing, dolls, teddies, dressing up, dolls house and loads of role play! They have fab imagination!
    Little Miss Chatterbox xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluffyemma22 View Post
    what have you found that 3 year old girls (usually) like to play with?
    anything that is not theirs or that they shouldn't have

    seriously..... arts and crafts, doll houses, snow, mud, balls, trikes/bikes/scooters, boys

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    Pushchairs, dolls, bags with bits and pieces in, wendy house, peppa pig house and any other tv character items, cooking things, shopping things......

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    All of the above plus I found an absolute bargain in a charity shop - My little pony palace that they love! Play with it with ponies, little people, cotton reels - great imagination. It only cost £4!!!!

    My dd has so much kudos in the village cos of it - all the girls talk about it and one mum is trawling ebay for one cos her dd (ex-mindee) wants one for christmas!!!

    Moral - look in charity shops they are fab fab fab!!!



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