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Thread: Illness & Fees

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    On Sunday DD was sick. I have three children on my books (an 8yr old), and a brother and sister (6 and 3yrs). I texted both parents to say DD had been ill, but that she seemed fine (had been all day so not sue where it came from); that I was still happy to have the kids but the decision was theirs.

    One mum texted and said I'll call you in the morning to see how she is and then I'll decide. fair Enough. DD was fine overnight and in fact you wouldn't know anything was wrong. So, mum sent son and DD.

    Now she's texted me to say that her DD has been vomiting all night long(?) and won't be in today. I KNOW that she will say that she was sick because of my DD and will try to reneg on paying my fees.

    Did I do the wrong thign? Should i have just closed for the day anyway?

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    Default Re: Illness & Fees

    If it's sickness or diarrhoea then I apply the same rules to me as I do to the mindees so I would have closed for 48hours.

    If the mindee had been ill first would you have given her the option to come or excluded?

    You'll never be able to prove whether mindees sickness is connected to your dd's or just pure coincidence.

    You could say as mum decided to send mindee it was at her own risk and she still has to pay but tbh I would not charge but take this as an opportunity to set out exactly how you will deal with this in future.

    Hope your dd is feeling better now

    Miffy xx
    Keep smiling!



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