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Thread: Renting

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    Default Renting


    Our friend needs some advice and were not able to help but I said I would post on here for her as you all might be able to help.

    She is wanting to go into childminding as she loves what we do at ours, can't afford to buy so wants to rent.

    How did all you renters go about doing this? When she went to some letting agents they flat out said no!

    Any advice we can pass on would be great.


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    Default Re: Renting


    We had a word with our landlord and told him the situation and he had it worked into our letting agreement. If you friend just spells out that she won't be looking after 20 children I don't see the problem.
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    Default Re: Renting

    Just be honest thats all she can do. It is hard to find a landlord that will accept childminders but maybe if she could rent somewhere for a while and prove she is able to look after the property then there may be a bigger chance of them being willing to let her.

    I am one of the lucky few wit ha fab landlord who is even helping me make sure the garden is acceptable for OFSTED. He's had to change his insurance on the property as well (another reason why lots of landlords don't like busininess ran from their property).

    I hope she manages to find somewhere soon
    I believe in fairies



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