Registration Conditons/Ofsted - totally confused.
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    Default Registration Conditons/Ofsted - totally confused.

    [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]On my certificate it says that I may care for no more than 2 children under 8 years old.

    I assumed that this was because I have two children of my own. However, my son is turning 8 in a couple of weeks and Ofsted have totally confused me. They mentioned that they might not increase my numbers as there might be anotehr reason why I can only care for 2 children???? (such as space). She then said because I'm newly registered they would have only given 2 and this would change when I was properly 'visited' (inspection?).

    She then spoke to her manager who said I need to complete a variation form, and they will consider the change within 4 weeks.

    Does anyone have any experience of this? I kinda do not know what i'm doing.

    The reason that I've asked is that I have three enquiries:
    girl aged 3 (to have between 0830 and 3.30pm) 5 days a week.
    girl aged 7 (to have breakfast/after school) - probably from mid-September
    boy aged 6 (to have breakfast/after school)

    My son turns 8 on 18th September, and my daughter turns 4 on 1st Feb 2011.

    Sorry for rambling lol

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    Default Re: Registration Conditons/Ofsted - totally confused.

    Thats strange. According to the 'usual' ratios you should be able to care for 4 children- no more than 2 of those being under 5 years. Then when your son turns 8 in a few weeks it would be 5 children with no more than 2 under 5 years.
    So that would mean you could take on all those enquiries.
    Was anything mentioned at your pre-reg inspection about space? Did they say your house was too small to have the full amount of children?
    I have certainly never heard of someone being allowed less children because they are newly registered/ numbers increasing after inspections.

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    VINASOL Guest

    Default Re: Registration Conditons/Ofsted - totally confused.

    when the inspector came round there was definitely less space. I've changed my room a fair bit and there's plenty of room. i've visited other CMs and they actually have less 'play' space than I do and are able to care for more children.

    What can I do? Do I just fill in the variation form or ask for another inspector to come out and re-judge my space?



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Registration Conditons/Ofsted - totally confused. Registration Conditons/Ofsted - totally confused. Registration Conditons/Ofsted - totally confused.

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