More help needed please......
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    Default More help needed please......

    ... still filling in those forms!!!

    I'm now stuck on the following...

    Give examples of when a childminder might be tempted to break confidentiality inappropriately..

    So far I have come up with - being asked by another childminder about a child you have cared for in the past and they are now going to have

    and.. a parent making comment on another child in your care.

    Any other ideas?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: More help needed please......

    gasbagging in the playground.

    gasbagging at a playgroup.

    talking alound on a mobile about a child infront of others.
    Busy losing the will to live mwuahahahaha!

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    Default Re: More help needed please......

    Telling a friend because you are worried about a child...

    Talking out of turn to the playgroup people about something that is private to the family

    Another child drawing you into a conversation when they say xx did yyy didn't he sarah? and you have to reply




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More help needed please...... More help needed please...... More help needed please......

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