Hi, Just after some advice. I doubt you can give anything different from what i have read but worth ago. We have just had our sons first parents evening and they have noticed that my ds's motor skills aren't great. I had already mentioned it to the teacher so i knew it was going to be brought up. Preschool noticed that he still grabs more and will also grab a pen. The finger pince has got better as he has found a love for lego.

Now with gross motor skills. He isn't getting far at all. Bike riding, running, jumping, hoping ect. My problem is he has no interest in it. The teacher has decided to keep an eye on him a bit longer but speak to the SEN dept. They are doing dance and gymnastics after xmas so she wants to see how he is then.

Have you got any experience on what the school will do? any fun ideas for a boy who is tired after school and doesnt want to do any sport.

Thanks Lou