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Thread: salary

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    Default salary

    I am doing a childminding course at present. Its something I've always wanted to do bt obviously i still have tomake a living. can anyone give me an indication of the kind of money I am likley to be able to make.

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    Default Re: salary

    I will move this to the Minding Chat section as you will get more replies there (the section you posted in is for problems with the forum)
    Pauline x

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    Default Re: salary

    Hi Helen

    You will be self employed and the profit you make will be dependant on a lot of factors.
    1. demand for childminders in your area
    2. average cost per hour charged by minders in your area (varies)
    3. Number of spaces you have
    4. number of pre-school places you have
    5. how quickly you are able to fill those spaces
    6. Hours you are willing/available to work
    7. willingness /ability to have over 8s in England/Wales
    8. How much your expences are

    Many childminders are able to make "enough" money but as you are self employed you can have quieter/busier times and need to plan accordingly. I have had a short break from minding after moving from England to Wales and feel it is good for me. It is difficult to give you a figure as it varies from minder to minder

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    Default Re: salary

    It really all depends on a number of factors

    How many children you have in the under 8 range as this restricts the number of children you are able to take on

    How hard are you willing to work? My day is 6.30am start and I rarely stop by 9pm and then paperwork in the evenings or weekends

    I know of a couple of childminders who make great money and others who just like to trickle along

    the answer I suppose it up to you and the demand out in your area

    It really is like asking how long is a piece of string. Sorry to waffle



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