help... had call about 3 month old...
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    Default help... had call about 3 month old...

    hi help

    so excited had a call about a 3 month old baby girl,mum is coming on thur, i would love any idears on how to make a great first impression.

    i already have a 20 month old full time and a 9 year old (early morning 6.45am- till 9. so this would just be great !!!!

    just any tips or fab idears, the area i live in isn't that great but i think i offer a great service.


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    Default Re: help... had call about 3 month old...

    wow how amazing sassy it will be like having a bay all over again she at that age where she will be still very content it will be all routine again bottles and naps at same times daily how exciting i would just say be very soppy cuddly try not to be to over excited but i liked it when people where excited and cuddly with my baby
    Im just a littlestar *

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    Default Re: help... had call about 3 month old...

    That's great news - best advice I can give is to just be yourself!

    Have all the paperwork out and ready, be professionally busy but friendly and give the other children loads of attention - don't ignore them to talk to the mother, or she might think that' s what you do with other visitors... iykwim

    Try and get a cuddle with baby but watch what mother does first and ask how baby likes to be held etc. Best to ask loads of questions and make some notes so mother sees you're interested in what she is saying...

    Good luck! Let us know how you get on



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