Hi everyone, I've been browsing through the forum and have seen some posts relating to ratios. I am planning to start childminding, I have taken the relevant training courses but before taking the plunge, I'm really looking for some info and realistic expectations. So, I am planning to start registration now, I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and have a 5 year old and 4 year old. Both at school now. I have looked after a friend's baby a lot when I had my first so I'm no stranger to having two babies around a lot and know I would be able to cope.
In my overall number of children, do I always need to include my own even if they are at school?
I've been planning to start minding for a while now, have fallen unexpectedly pregnant and hope to be able to do it anyway. Has anyone had any experience minding with their own baby?
Do parents shy away when you have your own baby as well? Any input would really help a lot!!