co-childminding set up and structure
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    Default co-childminding set up and structure

    Hi all, hoping someone has some knowledge of co-minding as I'm struggling to find info online.

    I basically want to run a mini nursery from my house. I have a self contained garden cabin which I have decked out as a beautiful nursery space, in addition I've created a workspace in my basement for the parents, all of whom run their own businesses.

    Ideally I want to set up a ltd company and take on 2 childcare employees to oversee the childcare day to day. There will be 6 children under 5.

    Frustratingly, the ofsted categories for childminding and childcare on domestic premises don't really allow for this. It would be much simpler if I was renting a commercial premises but the space I have at home is so much better than I could rent.

    I think I therefore am going to have to register as a minder myself (I've done all the relevant courses) and work with a co-minder and assistant. I, however, will not be included in the ratios to allow me the space to also manage the workspace (I might need more than 2 hours away so can't employ them both as assistants).

    Does anyone know if its possible to employ the co-minder and assistant as employees of the business? Each family will then have a contract with the company rather than individual minders. I'm aware that both I and the co-minder will be separately ofsted registered and inspected, which is fine. I think we'll also both need our own insurance, or could we have 1 policy for the company?

    I'm aware that a partnership is another option but this doesn't work for me, given its my property and there's a chance the co-minder might change over the years.

    Any help very gratefully received.

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    As I understand it a childminder is registered with Ofsted in their own right and would be self employed I can't see how you would employ them, it sounds like you need to be registered as a childcare on a domestic premises as that is slightly different. The best people to talk would be your authority local early years team.
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    Have you discussed what you want to do with Ofsted? They will be able to give you advice and you can then ensure you apply for the right provision for you



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