Hot Weekend!
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Thread: Hot Weekend!

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    Default Hot Weekend!

    Hope all you sun lovers are loving this weather!

    Too hot for me. For the last couple of weeks I seem to have been stuck in places with no shade, and I hate it. I was doing the Lucky Dip stall at our Summer fair last Saturday and was one of two stalls which didn't have a gazebo. Sports Day was the same, and then this week I did two days on my first aid course and walked home(45 mins) with no shade, Sports Day - big field no shade, School birthday party coconut shy stall - no shade. It's torture - bring on the Autumn!

    On the plus side, I really enjoyed my first aid course this time! I was with a really fun group of ladies and we had such a laugh.

    Today we are off to a local school fair (it will be nice not manning a stall for once) then off to swimming lesson for DD. Tomorrow she is off to a football birthday party and it is going to be really hot. Hope they have some shade. I have some school work to do too.

    Does anyone else find that the smell of sun cream makes them nostalgic and takes them right back to previous Summers? (I hate the sun in this country, but love it when I am by a pool on a sun lounger abroad.)

    What are you all up to this weekend?

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    I understand how you feel Maza.

    Being fair freckled skinned ( used to have ginger locks - now a grubby white) I have never embraced sunshine, I do like it when the sun is out but it is harder work:
    All over suncream after shower, applied twice more if I am out and about in the day ( even ‘once a day’ seems to just give me a window of four hours. )
    To avoid wear off and keep cool I generally wear long sleeves and long, all legs covered, outfit. ( I couldn’t find a short sleeved top to wear to a blood pressure taking appt the other day!)
    I always wear a light scarf to protect my delicate neck. - useful to cover head/ shoulders etc.. too.
    I spritz water to keep cool throughout the day.
    I wear a small brimmed hat.
    I carry a summery patterned umbrella.
    My skin also likes to be bitten by insects so I apply preventatives and carry an after bite spray and anti histamine pills. I have a small fold up towel too that I use to sit on as the tops of my legs get bitten when sitting on grass.
    I need to carry round a large bag to hold sun cream, water spritz, hat, scarf, umbrella, small mat, insect spray and pills.
    If I know I will be on a field for a long time goes a compact fishing/ sun tent thing too!

    Thank goodness I do not suffer from hay fever too.

    The umbrella is my main’ won’t leave the house without’ and I use it whenever there is no natural shade.....people stare but I don’t care. I am no longer the “let’s sit in the shade” member of the group, the umbrella ☂ means I don’t have to put up with grumps from sun loving friends....though they initially have a few misgivings when it goes up.

    Having said this I am enjoying this weather Maza, I have got so used to ☀️ and what I need to keep me happy in it I have several different types of bags/ rucksacks pre packed, so that I don’t get caught out if in a rush or have a sudden plan to go out...I have learned the hard way in the past and being prepared is my motto in the summer now.

    Good news on the enjoyable first aid course, it is always better when you have a few members you can laugh with.

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    I must admit i love this weather.

    Me and a friend spent thursday at a outside swimming pool. It was the most perfect couple of hours. Lying on sun loungers able to go for a swim when we needed to cool down.

    Today was ds's football team presentation a bit of a sad occasion as hes finishing with football to go to play rugby. Hes loved rugby this year and wants to concentrate on that.

    Tomorrow we have nothing planned so dd wants a picnic in the park
    When someone tells you nothing is impossible, tell them to go slam a revolving door

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    i love this weather, and even better ... today i had nothing to do!

    well i did ... usual household jobs this morning, but still found time to just sit outside reading for an hour or so!

    this afternoon was our school fair - the band were playing, and DD dancing, but for the first time in 7 yrs, i wasn't doing anything at it! i still chatted to friends, and helped at a couple of stalls so people could pop to the loo/do something, but it was very nice! come home and sat in the garden drinking pimms we do need to have tea ... lasagne made this morning, just needs popping in the oven to cook ... but its still too hot! ( we thought about a BBQ, but to be honest, i'm bored of them now! )

    tomorrow DD is dancing again, so i'll probably do a quick pop to the shops and then come back and sit on the grass outside the studio for a few hours. ( note to self ... remember to take rug to sit on! )

    enjoy everyone x

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    I must admit I prefer spring and Autumn.strong sun and me don’t go together.Bring on Autumn. I wish for a few showers also but at night only of course. The crops need it,the grass needs it and my pond very much needs it!

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