It is important to share information with parents about how well you help them to prepare their children for starting school!

We are hearing a lot of comments on the Independent Childminders Facebook group about parents panicking to get their children school-ready and moving them into pre-schools because they think they will do more 'learning' there.

Very often, these pre-conceived notions parents have can be tackled if we make sure we spend time telling parents about everything their child is learning while they are with us!

Here is some information you are welcome to lift out of the thread and use as a parent leaflet or information sheet. You can then build on it over the coming weeks and months by sharing lots of information about school readiness skills...

Parents… helping your child to prepare for school

It is really important to get your child into a good routine and be organised.

You will have to be at school for a certain time…

Your child needs to have eaten breakfast and put on their uniform and brushed their hair...

And cleaned their teeth and picked up their packed lunch box…

In our provision, we start teaching your child school-ready skills from age 2 as we develop their communication, language, independence, play and learning through our curriculum.

Here are just a few of the school ready skills we are working towards with your child...

Experiences in the prime areas of learning

Communication and Language

Your child needs to be able to…

Respond to simple instructions and follow rules
Sit still and listen to a story or join in with a rhyme
Recognise and respond to their name

Physical Development

Your child needs to be able to…

Use the toilet and wash their hands independently
Wipe their nose and put the tissue in a bin
Get dressed and undressed and put on their shoes

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Your child needs to…

Be independent and happy to separate from you
Know how to make friends and be friendly
Share and take turns during play

Experiences in the specific areas of learning


Your child needs to be able to…

Enjoy reading books
Recognise some letters
Enjoy making marks for a purpose


Your child needs to be able to…

Know some letters and count
Recognise shapes
Have an understanding of mathematical language

Understanding the World

Your child needs to be able to…

Enjoy learning about new things
Talk about their home and family life
Experiment with technology

Expressive Art and Design

Your child needs to be able to…

Enjoy art and crafts
Sing and dance to music
Express themselves in different ways

Top tips to help you support your child…

  • Plan time together to talk about their concerns
  • Have age-appropriate expectations – your child is only 4 years old when they start school!
  • Prepare your child by talking positively about your school experiences
  • Provide cosy spaces for your child to rest after school – they will be tired
  • Always take time to explain what changes are happening to your child…

We are doing all these activities – and more – with your child in the provision!

If you have any concerns about your child starting school please talk to us.

Thank you!