Safeguarding is never a very pleasant subject but it's something we all need to update ourselves on regularly.

There are a lot of new challenges we need to be aware of if we care for older children such as sexting, the risk of being radicalised or exposed to extremism online and peer-on-peer abuse.

We also need to keep ourselves updated about the latest crazes which can cause harm to older children such as Crazy Clowns and Pokemon Go.

The revised EYFS 2017 states in requirement 3.7 that 'All schools are required to have regard to the government’s ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ statutory guidance, and other childcare providers may also find it helpful to refer to this guidance.'

Keeping children safe in education - Keeping children safe in education - GOV.UK

Eyfs 2017-

If you care for older children during inspection, your inspector might ask you if you know where to find a copy of 'Keeping children safe in education' and might probe to see if you know about these challenges older children face - so it's important to be aware about them.

This is a useful safeguarding leaflet to share with older children -