Advise please. Little one biting
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    Default Advise please. Little one biting

    I have been looking after a little one for the last six months. (currently 18 months)

    She is constantly biting the little ones in my care and if she's not biting she pinching them, pushing them, grabbing their faces etc.

    It's starting to get me down a bit and I dread the days I have her.

    Just looking for some advice on best ways to handle this? I've tried everything but nothing helps. Everyday is the same. She is like it constantly the only time she is good is when she is sleeping.

    I've even contemplated giving notice but it would be so hard as I hate letting people down and also the parent of this little one lives with and is friends with another of my minders mum.

    Help please, thank you x

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    I feel your frustration I have 3 one year olds all going through the same!!
    There are lots of other threads and advice about this written by the great and the good.
    I think what you are describing is all within the bounds of normal development, it's such a frustrating time for these little ones. Coping with mass development in all areas. They are learning all about "social graces". I think you just have to be vigilant and keep going with firm, loving boundaries. I give mine as much opportunity to push, pull and bite as possible but not each other, having said that I try not to keep intervening between their rough and tumble as they also need to learn resilience to sort things out themselves within reason.
    I can already see who is used to getting immediately removed from any sort of confrontation or difficulty and who relies on an adult to sort everything out for them.
    You also need parents/carers support and be working together, giving the same message.
    I have also learnt that only you know how much you can cope with and sometimes we just have to be realistic. Xx

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    Stop trying 'everything' and try one thing for a period of time - consistently in all settings including at home.

    See if you can spot the trigger to the behaviour and step in, removing the child gently but firmly and dealing with the injured child.

    Turn to the child and explain 'no we don't do that here you have hurt your friend' - keep it short because the child's understanding will be limited at 2.

    Focus on activities that teach kindness, consideration, gentleness etc with dolls and teddies.

    I hope that helps



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Advise please. Little one biting Advise please. Little one biting Advise please. Little one biting

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