Ofsted don't know which LA I come under
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    Default Ofsted don't know which LA I come under

    Has anyone else had problems with ofsted sending your details to the correct la? Is it possible to choose the la I want or must it go on where you pay your council tax, does anyone know?

    I registered in one council in September, since then I have moved 15 miles away. My council tax comes under a place which is no where near me, it's a new estate, the estate next door & over the main road is still my previous council, but they have said as I'm not under there council tax I can't register with them anymore. Ofsted sent my new details to the council who's border is on the other side & nothing to do with my previous council or who I pay ct to

    All my enquiries are from people in the original council as that's what surrounds where I live & who want funding in said council. I'm 15 miles away from the town where I now have to register & the nearest school is 10 miles away so no point in being on their fis list as I don't live anywhere near anyone or the schools.

    Anyone come across anything like this before? I don't know who to contact, my new council don't have any details of me & my old council are saying contact new council.

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    I'm on the border of two boroughs and have had mindees from both boroughs. I'm registered with the borough where I live and only tend to advertise in that borough on FIS, but I don't know if there is anything stopping you advertising in both boroughs. On Childcare.co.uk parents tend to search by distance to their own home and so I would come up for those who live close to the border on both sides.

    I would give Ofsted a call and get them to clarify/update your details.

    Hopefully someone else will come along soon who knows exactly what to do. x



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Ofsted don't know which LA I come under Ofsted don't know which LA I come under Ofsted don't know which LA I come under

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