anyone ever reduce their fees?
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    Default anyone ever reduce their fees?

    I am in an area where there isn't a shortage of all types of childcare - I used to have selling points of longer hours, flexible contracts etc - but a lot of nurseries have also extended their working hours to 7-7 or 7-6 etc and some are offering flexible care.

    Anyway, I was wondering if reducing fees would help me to get some new business - lost 5 recently due to various reasons (school, moving etc) - the range of fees p/h from childminders in my area range from £3-£4 p/h - looking at the FIS listings I can see that the lowest fee cm are full and the higher prices ones have 2 or more vacancies each!

    My thinking is I would rather have spaces full paying £3 p/h than have empty spaces (currently have 4 EY spaces!) paying us nothing!

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    Anything is worth a try. Must say though the two minders who charge less here tend to be the ones with spaces.

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    I am one of the cheaper childminder's in my area and generally fill my early years spaces with ease. Not so much schoolies, but I refuse to compete with the after school club. My after school rate is double what the club charges. But they only run til 5:30. But tbh I prefer to work with my little ones than be over run with school kids!

    It's worth a shot to get some business through the door!

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    I'm always conscious that minders that have a lower hourly rate might be charging extra for the things I include: nappies, food, outings etc

    With that in mind, maybe you could do the same? Lol



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