Biting issue
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Thread: Biting issue

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    Default Biting issue

    Have a two year old who is a biter. He bites his sister regularly and I deal with it appropriately but he has bitten three other children in the last few months. I am finding the stress from watching extra carefully hard. I document each incident and get the mother to sign but I would like advice on at what point I should give notice and how to tell Mum that it can go on. Thanks.
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    Have you noticed if the biting happens with any triggers? Is the child tired, hungry, cross etc?? I have had to deal with 2 biters in the past. With one of them it was an anger / frustration thing, with the other there was absolutely no trigger at all. It is very tiring but you will need to constantly have the biter within sight and as was the case with my no trigger child, within reach at all times. It is just a phase and they will grow out of it but you will need to be consistent. I really feel for you because it's so tiring to deal with.




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